Green Heart

Green Heart Logo - flowers donations by TableArt

Green Heart was inspired by our desire to to give flowers from events new life and our love of spreading smiles amongst friends, family and local organizations. We invite you to share in our unique opportunity of giving back.

Here is how it works:

The day after your event, we will take the flowers from your event and deliver them to the friend, family member or organization of your choice. Some floral designs and flowers may not be suitable for Green Heart so we recommend speaking with your designer about participation during the initial proposal stages.

Flowers from your event will be delivered to the recipient of your choice. Recipients could be a family member, a charitable organization or just a friend that needs a smile.

We suggest including a personal note of thanks or recognition to the recipient that will be included in the delivery. Based on the amount of flowers and containers that will be delivered in, the Green Heart fee will be included in your TableArt proposal and included on your final invoice.